To purchase a new PC, you can visit our store. Wherever we like you all Provide information and advice about the wide range of PC brands and their qualities.

Xpertnet proposes its own compositions in which the components are chosen by us. You do not have to worry about all the options and the computer will immediately run optimally. In addition, you can adjust each PC composition even further to your own wishes.

Game computers form a large part of our catalog. Because there are different types of gamers, we have therefore assembled various computers. At Xpertnet you can choose from budget gaming to very high end gaming.

For the professionals we have cheap but powerful computers for all the administrative work to process with a possible backup system so as not to lose any profit and you will be operated again as soon as possible to make.

With this installation there is the possibility to purchase peripherals such as printer, screen, keyboard and mouse. Office and anti-virus software can also be included on request.