For network infrastructure, Xpertnet has an extensive range of access points, firewalls, routers, switches for (un) managed LAN networks. Also for software alternatives You can contact us for a secure network.

With data exchange, you must be able to fully rely on the data network. Whether it is is about local infrastructure, or VPN connections between sites and / or systems. We advise and configure the network for your needs.

What we mean by networking and what you can expect from us:

  • Security
    • Firewalls
    • DMZ
    • VLANS
    • Filtering and countering
  • Monitoring
    • Visitors WiFi
    • Honeypot
    • Logging
    • Packet Duplicating
  • Fail-Over
    • Crash Recovery
    • 4G/LTE Fallback
    • Loadbalancing