Voice over IP

As a VoIP environment, Xpertnet uses the German brand innovaphone. The innovaphone PBX is a powerful and well thought-out VoIP telephone system for a business surroundings. This gives you a choice of a wide range of IP telephones.

Also the mobile employees who move a lot from one place to another are still accessible. They also benefit from all functionalities thanks to antennas and WiFi of the innovaphone PBX and are optimally integrated into the VoIP infrastructure.

From design to a robust outdoor model or even a PC-based telephone. This way you stay always accessible via one fixed general number. Maintain a professional image through forwarding, accept second call, multiple voicemail options.
Some examples that we can offer:

Het allround toestel IP112 is ideal for use in telephony. With the large color display and the 16 dynamic function keys, perfect use be made from the intuitive operating concept of innovaphone and become the user guided comfortably through the various functions and apps. The IP112 telephone has an extra USB port for headsets and a gigabit ethernet port. Due to the integrated power supply via gigabit ethernet (PoE), only one cable is required, which is the standard of the device runs. An integrated Ethernet switch ensures that the device is connected via a PC or other network devices can be connected to the local network.

De innovaphone IP telefoon IP232 combines modern design with groundbreaking technical details. The device belongs to the product line of innovaphone design telephones with the coveted "red dot award: product design" have been awarded. The IP telephone has a touchscreen and a large color display. At first glance, the IP phone IP232 is especially the handset that catches the eye that gives the impression to float freely. The innovaphone IP telephone IP232 is not only visually attractive, it is set also new standards in terms of speech quality and energy consumption. The three standard USB connections various extensions of the IP telephone make possible. Through these interfaces, headsets, expansion modules and further peripheral devices. The IP telephone IP232 uses the new one wideband audio standard G.722. This makes speech quality better for the first time than with comparable ISDN telephones.

De innovaphone IP65 is a tasteful device for the office environment. This modern IP DECT The phone is equipped with Bluetooth and a large color display. The IP-DECT-based cordless telephone offers enormously long talk and standby times with its lithium-polymer battery. The innovaphone IP-DECT IP65 can be set up as an independent extension in the innovaphone PBX, or as a supplement to the desk phone with the same extension number. The DECT connection gives the participant mobility within a radius of more than 100 meters from the base station. The operation of the IP-DECT device is simple and intuitive. For use With the innovaphone PBX, additional features are available for transferring calls, setting up a call waiting or a telephone conference with three parties. The DECT participants also have access to the central telephone book automatic access to all participants of the PBX.